Face pause

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Face Pause with your favorite videos and games!

 Face Pause stops any game / video when you’re looking at the screen.

 Face Pause can be useful when:

 • Playing is your favorite game.
 • Watching YouTube videos.
 • Watching Movies / Series.
 • Listening to Music.

 Face Pause also includes the following features:

 • Fast App Launcher – Easily Launch Your Favorite Apps directly and conveniently from the FacePause app!
 • Screen Standby Customization – Select the color of the screen when the screen is paused.
 • Power saving mode – manually turn on the screen and turn it off.
 • Rear-view camera face detection – Control of the rear view camera using face detection.
 • Face Detection Frequency – How To Specify How Often The Camera Should Be Checked.
 • Display Menu – Select a Display Menu when the screen is paused and you have access to the App Launcher. Download click